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On 18th to 26th February (2019) the DYNAMARINe Training Academy conducted its first Ship to Ship Service Provider Management and Auditing Course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The five day Course was untaken at the invitation of the Brazilian Directorate of Ports and Coasts and the participants came for the Brazilian Navy, who have responsibility for Coast Guard activities including pollution prevention in Brazilian ports and waters, and PETROBRAS the Brazilian Oil Major Company.

The course material was developed by DYNAMARINe Training Academy and following the accreditation by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), was presented by four members of DYNAMARINe’s staff, Dr Alex Glykas, Dr Stelios Perissakis, Mr. Anargyros Zenios and Mr. Petros Kanellos, supported by our guest Captain George Deligiorgis, DPA of Thenamaris (Ship Management) Inc.

Four training sessions were held daily. Each day concluded with a workshop to apply and reinforce the training material that had been delivered. Active participation and interventions by individual Course members were encouraged and a very high level of member participation and commitment was maintained throughout the Course.

Led by Alex Glykas the first day focused on the activities, responsibilities, and liabilities of STS Service Providers. Particular emphasis was placed on the management and organizational structure of STS Service Providers. Petros Kanellos conducted the first workshop on the assessment of the “STS Location”.

During the second day, Alex covered the standards and practices found across the world-wide STS industry and emphasized the likely safety and environmental benefits of enhancing Brazil’s oversight of the STS operations undertaken in its waters.

Mr. Anargyros Zenios concluded the second day with the workshop on the assessment of Mooring equipment.

During the third day, Dr Stelios Perissakis focused on the principles and structure of a quality management system with relevant references to STS operations. Stelios emphasized the need for continuous oversight and improvement of the processes involved to maximize the attainable safety and environmental benefits and to eliminate any substandard practices.

Stelios detailed the essential elements for a quality management system correlated with those found across STS Service Providers and cross-referenced to the Tanker Management Self-Assessment. The day concluded with a workshop led by Petros Kanellos and Anargyros Zenios on audit trails.

During the fourth day, Stelios detailed the importance, relevance, and resources required for each stage of a self-assessment scheme. Course members were encouraged to provide their own feedback on the elements they considered would be appropriate for each stage of a self-assessment scheme. The last workshop simulated the audit of a specific process associated with the incident investigation.

On the fifth day Captain Deligiorgis from Thenamaris (Ships Management) Inc, brought his extensive experience in the conduct of ship to ship oil transfer operations to the Course outlining substandard practices he had encountered in the past along with lessons his company had learned and applied.

It was an honor that Vice-Admiral Roberto Carneiro Gondim da Cunha, the Brazilian Navy’s Director of Ports and Coasts, addressed the Course on the need to set a framework for safe and pollution free Ship to Ship transfer operations in Brazilian waters.

This was the first Ship to Ship Service Provider Management and Auditing Course undertaken by the DYNAMARINe Training Academy. It is considered that the format and quality of the Course material together with the encouragement of participation involvement, reinforced by the daily workshops, aided the participants and ensured the success of the Course.

From its foundation, DYNAMARINe has sought to enhance the safety and environmental protection associated with worldwide Ship to Ship oil transfer operations. The courses now offered by the DYNAMARINe Training Academy continue this initiative encouraging dissemination of best practice, appropriate management practices, and procedures and the handling and exchange of information and knowledge.

Our Team is proud of the pioneering work offered to the international maritime community with the remarkable assistance and trust gained from our clientele, like Thenamaris (Ships Management) Inc who supported the course before the administration, Petrobras and Transpetro executive personnel.

It is the responsibility of all stakeholders in the STS industry to continually monitor and enhance their practices and procedures through the development of coherent and consistent self-assessment schemes. Particular responsibilities rest on Flag and Coastal States under International Conventions and national law to ensure the appropriate oversight of safe and pollution free Ship to Ship transfer operations. The Courses now offered by DYNAMARINe Training Academy seek to assist that essential effort.

DYNAMARINe has proven that can respond to challenges. The course itself was not an achievement, instead, it was a recognition of hard, systematic and passioned work that has been supported by ship owners with a vision, technical operators with a treasured safety culture and STS service providers with respect on their job.

With great thanks to the Brazilian Navy and Petrobras 






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