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Specific KPI listings on nominated vessels’ screening policies for STS operations results in a structure to ensure that the decision making policy during their STS screening and risk assessment procedures can be calculated.

In the long term, this listing will eventually lead to conclusions being made associated with the correlation between proactive decision making and incident occurrences, participating vessel performance, as well as STS service provider performance, onlineSTS.net claimed.

At the same time as ship managers endeavor to exercise their best due diligence in order to mitigate risk and protect their interests on a statutory basis, they also look after the interests of their charterers and cargo owners, especially in STS lightering areas where coastal state legislation is strict.


Screening procedures used by owner/operator/managers signed up to onlineSTS.net, result in successful commercial competitiveness, safety preparedness and of great importance - good advice to their Masters.

It is the Masters who bare the final responsibility for safe procedures when involved in an STS operation, as per the relevant clauses within charter parties signed with their charterers, onlineSTS.net concluded.

Implemented KPI’s are associated with the following:

  1. STS Screening of Nominated Vessels
  2. Past Vessel STS Performance
  3. Service Providers’ Performance
  4. POAC Performance
  5. Assessment of STS Records
  6. Number and Type of Incidents
  7. Others……..


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