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Manage your Risk in Ship-to-Ship operations

onlineSTS.net is a platform service of DYNAMARINe. The information contained in this platform is addressed to STS Stakeholders whose vessels are engaged in STS Operations Read more 

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Frequently Asked Questions On STS

This guide is produced to provide answers to questions associated with the required knowledge of tanker operators and their Masters/Officers for STS Operations. It is almost five years since the ratification of MARPOL Annex I Chapter 8. It was introduced by the IMO to assist in the prevention oil pollution during ship-to-ship (STS) operations.



Audit of STS Service Providers on behalf of Tanker Operators 

DYNAMARINe introduces a standardized and transparent scheme of auditing STS Service Providers on behalf of tanker operators, based on MARPOL, OCIMF guidelines and best industry practices. Tanker operators, by participating to this project, join forces, in order to establish the minimum required standards for STS Service provider during preparation of an STS, ensure that safeguards are in place against implementation of requirements and avoid substandard services.


Seaman Registration 

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OSIS Database 

OSIS DATABASE STS operations have proven over the years to be safe subject that sound management takes place. The number of participating elements and the extent ship owners exercise their due diligence are contributing factors on the effectiveness and safe conduct of the operations.




OSIS STS MAP derived from our clients STS Operations worldwide.



Seafarers Training

DYNAMARINe in cooperation with "MARIA TSAKOS TCM Academy" is organizing a bridge simulator training course in Ship to Ship oil cargo transfer operations. Furthermore DYNAMARINe having an expertise in STS operations developed an advanced STS e-learning course, which applies to either shore or ship personnel and enlightens all the tricky and risky areas of the whole STS procedure.



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