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Ship to Ship Drill - Exercises on Crew Preparedness and Competency

A. Introduction

The human element is a critical parameter for the safe and effective implementation of an STS Operation. During the planning phase, senior officers should have the knowledge and capacity to assess the incurred risks, on the basis of industry requirements. DYNAMARINe offers Ship-to-Ship drill exercises designed towards verifying mariner’s preparedness. Senior officers should have the capacity to assess critical STS elements and other factors, on the basis of STS PLAN and latest OCIMF guidelines.

Currently the following exercises are available during the STS Drills: 

  1. Assessment of the Joint Plan of Operations;
  2. Vessel compliance with industry requirements;
  3. Assessment of STS equipment and POAC qualifications;
  4. Mooring lines and rigging;
  5. Adjustment of Brakes on mooring winches;
  6. Fender Selection & assessment of hose length on the basis of checklist No. 1;
  7. Fender Rigging;
  8. Risk Assessment;
  9. Assessment of checklist No. 3;
  10. Approaching and initial contact of the manoeuvring vessel;
  11. Incident investigation;

The exercises are prepared on a ship/fleet specific basis and may be arranged prior to an advance notice. The duration of above individual exercises is between 30 – 60 minutes. A Drill comprise of a number of exersices from 3-6, depending on the available time of Master and senior officers. OnlineSTS.net will retain records for the drill completed for each participating officer, linked with his unique onlineSTS.net ID. Records are available at officers STS certificates.

B. The purpose of such exercises

The human element is directly associated with the level of the preparedness and the perception of hazards from senior officers involved in the planning, decision making and successful execution of an STS operation. Furthermore, the level of preparedness while reporting an incident is also important for the ship owner and such exercises provide an added value to the seafarer.

The STS exercises-drills, offer to the shipowners and their managers the opportunity to measure the level of preparedness of their crew and build up confidence of their crew performance.

Furthermore, such exercises may be registered at ships’ Safety Management System and recorded at TMSA. Almost all tanker vessels fulfil OCIMF requirements as mentioned at Q88 or VPQ relevant sections. However, such vessel compliance reflects apart from the cargo gear specification, the level of company policies implementation as those are reflected at the STS plan or at the latest OCIMF guidelines. This is amongst the contractual requirements between the vessel owner and the charterer.

C. How the drills take place.

Drills are conducted between DYNAMARINe and the vessels via interactive messages. Managers are kept in cc during the whole process. Drills have to be prepared in advance. In this respect we need to receive documents for individual vessels as noted at section F.

D. Appraisal

After the completion of the drill an appraisal is returned to the Master. Appraisal records are kept also online for clients review.

E. The value of onlineSTS.net

Performing such exercises through the onlineSTS.net service of DYNAMARINe, enables shipowners to take advantage of the expertise in due diligence actions attained from real cases from numerous STS risk assessments. The assessment of exercises by onlineSTS.net TEAM, after completion, requires knowledge and skills in order to produce a simplified, however valuable understanding to the seafarer.

F. Required data

For preparing the exercises we shall need the following documents for each vessel:

  • The approved STS Plan
  • Q88 or VPQ
  • Mooring arrangement
  • General arrangement
  • IMO crew list

G. Further Information

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to organise a trial STS drill or request further information. 

H. Cost

Drills are offered with a minimum of four exercises. There is a possibility of arranging block deal agreements on an annual basis. Discounts are available for onlineSTS.net member vessels. For further information on costs please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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