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STS STATUS, A gap analysis and on-board training

DYNAMARINe has developed the STS STATUS survey. During the last months, this service is available to all ship owners regardless if they are members of onlineSTS.net. Our team has completed a number of STS STATUS surveys since introduction with remarkable feedback from owners and crews.

The STS STATUS is a certificate that describes the level of vessel compliance with IMO regulations and industry best practices for Ship to Ship transfer operations. It is a gap analysis survey that includes information on the following:

  • Condition on Vessel gear
  • Adopted policies and procedures and
  • Crew training & preparedness.

 During the STS STATUS survey, past records and followed procedures are been analysed based on the STS PLAN and latest OCIMF guidelines. Risk Assessment, JPO, mooring plans and other STS elements are being discussed with senior officers.


The human element is agreed to be a significant factor on STS. All STS operations require proper planning by both Masters and the POAC, prior commencing the physical operation. The STS STATUS includes a physical inspection of the vessel as well as a training to senior officers. The outcome of the physical survey is reflected through the STS STATUS certificate.


After the completion of the survey, a training is being delivered to senior officers with respect to procedures and best practices. The training focuses on IMO requirements (Manual on oil pollution, section 1, prevention, chapter 6) and latest OCIMF STS guidelines.

The concept of the training focuses on the human element, assessment of STS equipment, the Joint Plan, best practices during mooring operations, and presentation of case studies with past incidents and post investigation.

Mooring practices, and assessment of an effective mooring plan is being discussed along with correct fender positioning with respect to parallel body of the manoeuvring vessel.


 Prior to any mooring operation, a pre-mooring tool box talk should be held to ensure that mooring teams are aware of the potential for snap-back in the proposed mooring configuration, and the probable areas of the mooring deck that are not safe when mooring lines are under load.

To this goal models from various vessels are available for training of personnel prior to the STS operation. Should you are interested in receiving further information on production and model cost please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Although the crew has significant experience in mooring operations, during STS there is an added concern associated with the coordination of both vessel crews, added anxiety that emerges from the fact that two vessels are approaching each other, especially during underway.

The STS STATUS is the outcome from a physical inspection on board a vessel and includes the following sections:


All sections include 41 individual elements which are audited during the physical inspection

A physical drill or table top exercise may also be conducted during the STS STATUS Survey. The purpose of the drill is to check crew preparedness on critical issues, one of which is the proper adjustment of brakes on mooring winches.



Attending officers receive a certificate of training for their records, issued by DYNAMARINe ACADEMY as certified by ABS.


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