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STS operations have proven over the years to be safe subject that sound management takes place. The number of participating elements and the extent ship owners exercise their due diligence are contributing factors on the effectiveness and safe conduct of the operations. Since records should now be kept as per IMO MEPC 186(59) and because of TMSA, ship owners and their managers will be evaluated on their risk analysis, emergency preparedness and hence their reputation along with the reputation of their charterers and cargo owners. Standardized risk analysis methods may be utilized in STS Operations; however the availability of performance data may be subjective and in many cases limited due to the absence of a past regulatory scheme or a reliable database available to the industry.

Dynamarine introduced a service entitled ONLINESTS.NET, solely devoted on STS Operations, involved in Screening of STS Elements on behalf of ship owners, such as participating vessels, STS Service providers etc, risk assessment and assessment data collected from STS Operations on OSIS Database. OSIS database was designed towards this direction and It is based on a voluntary basis. It is a unique database that encapsulates the individual assessments of master mariners towards the performance of participating vessels, STS Service Providers (STS Operators) and POAC's. Currently hosts data from shipping companies worldwide comprising a total fleet of more than 150 oil tankers. The more assessments are logged into the database the more reliable statistical extracts are produced with respect to the performance of participating vessels and their crews the involved STS Service providers and POAC's.

Data on OSIS belong to the assessors (Masters) and their Managers. They may utilize the data for their TMSA and furthermore, they may substantiate reliable risk assessments for future STS Operations. Consolidated data are open to the public as shown below.

Incident Analysis by STS Type

Incident type Overall Percentage Underway At anchor Mooring underway then at anchor
VESSEL COLLISION 9.9% 10.7% 50% 39.3%
DAMAGE BY TUG OR SUPPLY/SERVICE BOATn 1.1% 33.3% 33.3% 33.3%
FIRE 0% 0% 0% 0%
FENDER BREAKDOWN 11.3% 18.8% 40.6% 40.6%
TRANSFER HOSE BREAKDOWN 2.5% 14.3% 71.4% 14.3%
MOORING LINES BREAKDOWN 74.8% 19.9% 20.9% 59.2%
OIL SPILL ON DECK 3.2% 11.1% 55.6% 33.3%
OIL POLLUTION AT SEA 0% 0% 0% 100%
FAIL OF COMMUNICATIONS 2.1% 16.7% 66.7% 16.7%
VESSEL BLACKOUT 0.7% 50% 50% 0%
M/E FAILURE 1.8% 20% 40% 40%
0% : Excellent

Participating vessel performance

Participating Vessel Assessment Overall Percentage Underway Anchor Mooring underway then at anchor
Manoeuvring 99.3% 99.66% 98.95% 99.46%
Mooring Lines 98.08% 97.68% 98.63% 97.49%
Chocks / fairleaders / windlasses 98.02% 97.89% 98.47% 97.42%
Manifold arrangement 99.57% 99.52% 99.52% 99.69%
Crew performance 97.71% 97.69% 98.27% 96.88%
Engine performance 99.3% 99.59% 98.92% 99.53%
100% : Excellent

Fenders performance

Service provider assessment Overall Percentage Underway Anchor Mooring underway then at anchor
Fenders in good order 99.17% 99.52% 98.91% 99.38%
Cargo transfer hoses in good order 99.51% 99.8% 99.54% 99.31%
100% : Excellent

6. STS Operations as per OCIMF / Fender Selection

Overall Percentage Underway Anchor Mooring underway then at anchor
Are all STS operations as per OCIMF? 94% 93% 93% 96%

The above figure reveals STS compliance associated with fender selection on the basis of Berthing Energy according to OCIMF guidelines. The blue colored percentage represents those clients that participate only in the post STS Assessment Service, while the red color represents the percentage of clients that participate in both the Screening and post Assessment Service.Both the red and blue percentages reprsent the total number of reported STS Operations whose fenders where nit accornding to OCIMF guidelines.

The above figure reveals STS operations compliance associated with fender selection on the basis of Berthing Energy according to OCIMF guidelines at those STS operations where incident occurred. The shown percentage in the red area denotes all members enrolled at OSIS.

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