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Ship to Ship Transfer Operations' Workshop
Singapore 9th May 2018


If you are the kind of professional that would like to have total control over every aspect associated with Ship to Ship transfer operations then you are a possible candidate for this workshop.


The scope of this STS workshop is to enhance the knowledge and the expertise of the attendees on safety issues related to Ship-to-Ship transfer operations. Moreover, during the workshop, practicable features on Ship to Ship transfers will be presented. Proper planning requires a conscientious approach which will enable all involved STS stakeholders to develop practicable, however diligent procedures towards a successful STS Operation. At the end of the workshop the attendees will have a clear understanding on the duties, inline with industry best practices, along with the preparedness, contribution and due diligence actions of involved STS stakeholders.


Who may attend

Personnel from the following departments may attend the STS Workshop:

  • Chartering – Post Fixture
  • Flag Administration
  • Cargo owners – STS Organizers
  • Vessel Operators,
  • Senior Deck Officers
  • Vetting



Certificates of successful completion will be provided to all the participants from the DYNAMARINe Training Academy, certified from ABS G-CMET.


Dates - Duration

Singapore on 9 May 2018. The workshop will take place from 09:00 up to 17:30. Coffee sessions and lunch will be available.



Session 1 - [Preparedness]
Joint Plan, Location Assessment / Local Administration Role, Due diligence of STS Stakeholders
Session 2 - [Risk Assessment]
Risk Mitigation Measures, Ship Compatibility issues, STS related performance Data from OSIS
Session 3 - [Management-Business Development]
Service Provider Requirements/ Standards, Incident Investigation, Self-Assessment
Session 4 - [Human Element]
Training and preparedness, types of error, table top exercises, best practices

The workshop will include group exercises with discussion and assessment



The fees per attendee is USD 1000,00. We accept PAYPAL, credit cards or wire transfer.


  • For clients of DYNAMARINe 20% discount.
  • For multiple attendees from other companies 15% discount.



The instructors will be from DYNAMARINe Training academy with expertise on subject filed along with professionals from STS Service Providers.




Central Singapore venue area (to be announced)


For registration and further information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +302109628379, +6531590353