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International Forum on Ship to Ship transfer operations 2017
sponsored by TMS TANKERS Ltd.

13 September 2017, City of London


 Quality Criteria on STS Service Providers
The tanker owners' perspective

The event will discuss pertaining matters associated to the quality criteria of STS service providers in accordance to best industry practices. Such organizations should conform to requirements outlined by OCIMF and IMO, in order to effectively provide safety related services to ships involved in Ship-to-Ship transfer operations. Transparency in procedures, of such organizations, associated to their compliance and procedural structure will be presented and discussed.


The scope of the seminar is to establish a rigid conceptual ground for this audit scheme for Ship-to-Ship transfer organizations. Currently the audit of service providers is done only by Oil Companies and traders, as part of an internal procedure or charter party compliance. Lack of transparency neither helps an improved safety culture nor a fair competition amongst STS organizations. It is considered that the assessment criteria should be transparent and known to tanker operators, who bare the upmost responsibility in conducting safely these operations.

Transparency is the key for assisting an improved safety culture, which is the direct interest of tanker operators. Additionally, transparency will consequently improve the sustainability of these operations, which is to the benefit of all stakeholders, regardless the region of their operationd.


  • TMS TANKERS Ltd. | Capt. A. Mavrides (Operations Manager Master Mariner)
  • Repsol | Capt. Idoia Ibáñez (SE & Vetting Manager)
  • Mariflex | Capt. David R. Brant (Senior Mooring Master)
  • DYNAMARINe | Dr. Stelios Perissakis & Dr. Alexandros Glykas
  • Clyde & Co. | Mr. Stephen Mackin (Partner at Clyde & Co.)


Capt. A. Mavrides - Operations Manager Master Mariner

Served more than 25 years in Shipping and Technical Management of Oil Tankers, Holding a MBA in Maritime Business ,L.L.M. in Maritime Law , Pg.Dip. Marine Insurance (WMU).
Member of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers - Member of Nautical Institute (MICS) , Member of Nautical Institute (NI).

Idoia Ibáñez - SE & Vetting Manager

Master Mariner, Lead Auditor and Tap Root Investigator.
Served on Oil and product tankers for 17 years.
Repsol Vetting Inspector since 2000.
OCIMF SIRE Inspector Category I from 2001 until 2009 for Oil, Chemical and Gas Carriers.
Since 2009 Safety and Environment Manager in Repsol Trading & Gas & Power and Repsol Vetting Manager

Stephen Mackin - Partner at Clyde & Co.

Stephen specialises in shipping and energy related issues, particularly those arising from the carriage of oil, gas and LNG by sea involving chaterparties and bills of lading.
His areas of particular expertise are oil, gas and LNG tanker related issues including disputes arising from oil shortage, cargo contamination, unsafe port/berth disputes and market loss claims. He works for a wide entirely international client base of shipowners, charteres, insurers and cargo owners.


Stelios Perissakis, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, PhD
Stelios is Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with a PhD on Experimental Hydrodynamics. After graduation he is involved in several projects as independent consultant and surveyor and he also offers services in the sector of small craft design. Occasionally, he participates in several academic projects and tutoring in Technological Institute of Athens and National Technical University of Athens related with small craft design, measuring techniques and ships hydrodynamic.
Since 2007 he has been involved with Ship-to-Ship due diligence issues. He is experienced in building policies and procedures in shipping business, in risk assessment issues and in designing information systems in maritime projects.


Alexandros Glykas, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, PhD
Alexandros is Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with a PhD on ship structures. He has expertise on incident investigation claims (MV DERBYSHIRE Formal Investigation), ship repair management, ship operations and consultancy as a technical assessor.
From 2001-2013 Alexandros was a lecturer at the University of the Aegean, Department of Shipping Trade and Transport. He retired on 2013 as an elected adjunct professor at Maritime Technology.
Since 2007 he has been involved with Ship-to-Ship due diligence issues from the perspective of cargo owners and since 2009 from the perspective of tanker operators.
Within DYNAMARINe, Alexandros has participated in the development of dedicated marine software, Ship-to-Ship policies, analysis and indexing of ship emission and inspection of vessels for valuation purposes as well as third party ship management.


13th of September
14:00 - 14:30 Registration - Complementary coffee
14:30 - 14:45 Welcome speech by TMS Tankers Ltd.
14:45 - 15:10 DYNAMARINe
15:10 - 15:35


15:35 - 16:05


16:05 - 16:30

Clyde & Co.

16:30 - 17:00


17:00 Drinks



forum - 13 September

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