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Verification of Service Providers

DYNAMARINe runs the ISO 9001 accredited service onlineSTS.net since 2011, which focuses on due diligence policy and procedures of STS stakeholders. The verification of STS Service providers' quality assurance, is addressed as service, in conjunction with the completion of FORM A questionnaire. This procedure is in accordance with industry practices and IMO requirements, in order to assist users of service providers, to exercise their due diligence.

onlineSTS.net concept designed to assist STS Stakeholders to exercise due diligence in STS operations. For this reason STS Stakeholders need to be assured that the STS Service provider, who is nominated by charterer, fulfils specific safety and quality standards. These standards are related with the requirements of the regulations (IMO) and industry good practices and guidelines (OCIMF). Furthermore, STS Stakeholders should be assured that all the necessary resources are in place, afloat and ashore, for providing the expected quality service.

Although an on-site verification is a more effective approach for exercising due diligence, it is obvious that it is practically not always feasible for individual STS Stakeholders to perform such verifications for all STS service providers, prior each STS operations. The scope of onlineSTS.net documentary verification is to provide support to STS Stakeholders towards exercising due diligence, regarding the services of STS Service providers.


Verification Procedure

This type of verification, consists of the review of basic procedures and policies, qualifications of the personnel and specifications of the STS equipment (logs, certificates, statements, etc.). It is well understood and respected that part of the requested information is strictly confidential for STS Service providers and thus, this information will NOT be distributed to the client, NOR will be used for any other purpose other than for the purpose of the verification. This information is only requested for review and assessment by DYNAMARINe.

OSIS data will be also utilized for this type of verification. This information will be also available to the Service Provider.


The use of OSIS Past Performance Data

Documentary verification of onlineSTS.net have also the advance that OSIS Data are utilized as supplementary knowledge and an additional source of information. OSIS detailed knowledge is strictly confidential and will never be released to third parties.


Process of Data

The process of data will examine the procedures of the organization with respect to the following sections.

  • Quality profile;
  • Basic policies;
  • Past Oil Major Audits on site;
  • STS operations manual;
  • Contingency plan;
  • Oil pollution drills;
  • Experience;
  • POAC;
  • STS Equipment;
  • Incidents – incident investigation;
  • Customers satisfactions reports;

Other available information (i.e. OSIS, companies site, previous audits) will be also taken into account and may result to further questions.



The following information will become available to the client though our report:

  • Short Company Profile and Policy structure;
  • A summary from the Quality assurance questionnaire along with the obtained rating ;
  • Policies;
  • Number of past audits on the basis of industry guidelines;
  • Locations of operations;
  • POAC rating for qualifications and experience;
  • STS equipment maintenance assessment rating;
  • Service craft assessment.
  • Overall Service Provider Rating

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