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Simulator training course

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DYNAMARINe in cooperation with "MARIA TSAKOS TCM Academy" is organizing a bridge simulator training course in Ship to Ship oil cargo transfer operations.

Ship to Ship transfer operations (STS) are high risk and require thorough understanding and specialized knowledge. The scope of this training course is to provide Deck Officers and Captains with understanding in ship handling principles focused on STS interaction and best operating practices.

The course is hosted in the facilities of "MARIA TSAKOS TCM Academy" and utilizes a state of the art full mission ship handling simulator form Konsgberg.


Short Description

The course comprises of both theory and practice in the simulator.

Theory covers issues associated with the shore and crew personnel preparedness, due diligence actions, risk management and vetting requirements according to industry practices and statutory rules and regulations. The cooperation of shore operators with the crew is presented, with focus on the clearance of nominated vessels, on the technical assistance from shore, compatibility assessment and risk management. Master, crew and shore personnel duties are clearly presented and discussed. It also includes the latest MARPOL amendments, Manual on Oil Pollution of IMO, 2013 guidelines of OCIMF and 2016 STS FAQ of DYNAMARINe and Clyde & Co.

The practical training in the simulator includes several realistic scenarios with mooring at anchor and at underway. The effect of sea & weather condition is examined. Emergency situations are also included. Four officers can simultaneously be trained in different roles by the qualified instructors of "MARIA TSAKOS TCM Academy".

The debriefing discussion summarizes the “lessons learned” and includes a written exam. Upon completion of the course, a certificate is issued.

Course objectives

  • Provide insight in ship handling principles during Ship to Ship transfer operations between seagoing tankers, LNGs and LPGs
  • Provide knowledge of industry regulations, best practices, guidelines and safety recommendations
  • Understand duties and liabilities
  • Be familiarized with safety issues regarding the STS equipment (fenders, hoses)
  • Understand the use of checklists in support of operating practices
  • Be able to identify deficiencies and appropriate corrective actions when completing checklists
  • Work with others to ensure that operating procedures remain fit for purpose
  • Maneuver vessels safely and efficiently
  • Maneuver vessels in a professional manner
  • Integrate with the bridge team
  • Make full use of available bridge equipment and instrumentation
  • Effectively control vessel movements on final approach and during mooring
  • Demonstrate a full understanding of safe mooring practices
  • Demonstrate a full understanding of pre-departure checks and safe unmooring practices
  • Safely maneuver the vessel on departure, taking into account of the impact of prevailing environmental conditions and the characteristics of the vessels

Who should attend

This course is designed in 2 modules. The first module is a 2 day course and is addressed to both experienced and inexperienced Vessel officers and the 2nd module is offered with a 3 days course for POAC, Pilots and STS Superintendents.

Course details

2-3 days

Maximum 4 participants

Availability upon request

Course participants should hold certificates in ship-handling & basic training and have experience in vessel maneuvering

Tel.: +30 210 89 41 667
Tel2: +44 20 71 939 853

Information on accomodation and special rates available upon request